Design Your Own Jewellery
Done in a Snap jewellery
Done in a snap chunk snap charm
Noosa Amsterdam style chunk snap charms
Done in a snap chunk snap charm

"Done in a Snap"

Design Your Own Fashion Jewellery


"Done in a Snap"  chunk snap jewellery is a concept range of  affordable interchangeable jewellery. 

Create your own unique piece, by selecting  from a variety of chunk snap charms.  Express your style and true personality!!

Noosa Amsterdam and Ginger Snap compatible, this range enables you to have the pleasure of owning and enjoying the latest in Chunk Charm Jewellery without breaking the bank.

A perfect  gift idea for the thoughtful shopper, a conversation piece at every gathering, while being a 

                                                         stunning accessory to every outfit.



Done in a snap jewellery chunk snap jewellery